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My Name is Coop M@RT!@N, but everyone calls me “Martian” or “Coop”. I am a music artist, producer, engineer, and full time student at Fullsail. Before I decided to chase my dreams I was in the U. S. Navy for seven years. In that time span I worked as an FC, which is a Fire Control-Man. Basically, I shot missiles and made sure the ship had electricity. I deployed Four times during my term and was privelaged to see: France, Norway, Polland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Madagascar, Seychelles, and many more places. During these adventures, I would work and share my music in the different countries. I also used to make songs for naval ceremonies and perform at parties for dignitaries. After a long sea tour I went to New Jersey for shore duty and it is there where my life changed. I woke up one morning and had to face the truth; Music is my life. Even to this moment, I recall the best moments I had in the services and one thing is a constant and that’s music. 


I spent all my spare time in the military making a sort of audio diary. Using FL Studio, I basically taught myself how to produce and engineer. I have worked with many artist and producers around the world. I have also learned how to use Pro-tools and Logic programs. I have also began working on film and picture editing. I am currently working with some of the top acts in Houston. Gio Chamba, Space Villains*, Jon Blac, Mic Drew, Lil Chop just to name a few.


  I am in love with the craft of musicianship, so when i work with anyone the primary focus is the music. I am very passionate and diligent when it comes to working. I will help in anyway possible and I try to exchange as much knowledge as possible. My goal is to be known as a King Midas of music. I want every artist or project I ever touch to be gold. on the flip side of that I only work with artist who are serious about their craft. If you just want to walk in the studio, hangout, and record the first thing that pops to mind over a catchy beat; I am not your guy. If you want to make music that can change the world and leave lasting impressions on listeners, then I am the guy to contact. Hopefully, one day I can put the Midas touch on one of your favorite albums.









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