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“What’s happening to hip hop? It used to be such a strong pillar of the music scene. The palette was so full of meaning and inspiration that you could literally change your entire day just by turning on the radio.” So began a conversation with my dad about seven years ago; You know the “Ol’ School” versus “New Junk” conversation where the elder says in his day how much more meaningful their music was. Normally I get a good laugh listening to him riled up, but this time he hit me with a challenge that would become my mission. He told me turn on the radio and write the subject of each song for the next forty-five minutes. Thirty minutes later, I already acknowledged the point he was trying to make. Our generation has become so obsessed with money, partying, drugs, sex, and violence that there was no representation of anything else in our music. made and the fact that he was right made me cringe. Then he said, “The guy that comes up with a way to talk about subject matter of real life, but say it with the new generations voice and vocabulary will be the one to bridge the generational divide. I’m not saying we were better, just a little more conscious.”

I have since then had many nights of reflection and soul searching. I know that duality exist and that its the essence of mans true nature.This has moved me to create music that is appealing to both the primal side of man and at the same time still has a message of aspiring to be better. I have been performing my creations around Houston and I am very pleased with the response. I have been featured on 90.1 FM night sounds, Sessions with ANA CQ internet radio station, and performed at “For The Community 9” show case. The Houston Press caught my performance and featured me on their website as well.

I read the book the secret frequently and the author Rhonda Byrne says, “Instead of focusing on the world's problems, give your attention and energy to trust, love, abundance, education and peace. :-)” I have adopted this lifestyle and the world around me has changed. Hopefully through my music I can inspire some to also practice it.

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